Winter Escape To Brocket Hall, Welwyn Garden City

As we approach the festive season, there are lots of conversations guaranteed to take place. “I can’t wait for break”, “Isn’t work over yet?”, “Have you finished your Christmas shopping?” and “Do you think it will snow?”. It’s this last question that really poses the most interest.   A white Christmas – that rarely seen entity which makes us all feel just that little bit more … Continue reading Winter Escape To Brocket Hall, Welwyn Garden City

My Top 19 London Dishes Of 2016

It’s easy to dismiss 2016 as the year that everything went wrong.  Yes, absolutely the general world has seen some highs and some very low lows, but the food world has mostly gone from strength to strength. New restaurant openings have been exciting and varied.  We’ve seen even more meat places open and, in direct contrast, we’ve even had our very first Veggie Pret.  Our … Continue reading My Top 19 London Dishes Of 2016

A Love Letter From Philadelphia

This article, which was first published in House of Coco’s Spring 2015 magazine, was awarded the General Consumer Magazine Travel Feature award at the Visit USA Media Awards in July 2016. If we asked you to name the top three places you most want to visit in America, we bet Philadelphia wouldn’t come close to featuring.  In fact, we bet if we pushed you so far as … Continue reading A Love Letter From Philadelphia

Hotel Mamela, Capri

“Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.”  – Bertrand Russell Oh Capri, with your winding hilltops and multi-coloured roofs, how you captured me. The sound of your waves echoes in my mind and your huge bowls of al dente pasta still swirl in my heart. For all its enchanting beauty though, Capri can still somehow feel … Continue reading Hotel Mamela, Capri

Top 10 Must-Dos In Gothenburg & West Sweden This Summer

Sweden’s beautiful west coast is at its most alive at the approach of the summer solstice. After the chilly winter months, people are itching to make the most of the lengthening days, culminating in one of the most traditional Swedish celebrations – Midsummer Eve (on 24 June this year). And what better way to join the locals this summer than along the stunning, scattered archipelago … Continue reading Top 10 Must-Dos In Gothenburg & West Sweden This Summer

5 Must Eat Foods In Lisbon

Ah…Lisbon, with its hilltop charm and sun-baked beauty.  A capital city that has seaside magic and city cool in equal measures. One weekend in Lisbon and you’ll be checking Skyscanner for the next cheap flights to bring you back. You’ll be screaming to friends that they must go and daydreaming of happier times when you were last there. And the food.  It’s good.  Really good. With … Continue reading 5 Must Eat Foods In Lisbon

Top 10 Things To Do In Donegal, Ireland

If you view the Go Visit Donegal website, it states: “What makes a visit to Donegal special isn’t just its raw beauty…It is something more complicated, something deeper…”  Well, who am I to argue? It would be easy to state the obvious.  You know – Donegal, in Northwest Ireland is really stunning, the food is to die for, the views are epic…blah blah blah.  All of … Continue reading Top 10 Things To Do In Donegal, Ireland

12 Exotic Fruits To Try In Colombia

One of the best things about Colombia – and certainly one of the most exotic – is its variety of fruits.  From those you’ve never heard of to those you can’t even imagine the taste, there really is an unfathomable selection.  As you travel the country, you’ll find fruit as diverse as the landscape.  While it’s all certainly delicious, the variety can be a bit … Continue reading 12 Exotic Fruits To Try In Colombia

Top 10 Eating While Travelling Tips

Wherever you are in the world, you’ve gotta eat.  Oh sure, sustenance is important, but that’s not the only reason we eat.  We eat for pleasure, for experience and for fun – and all of these even more so while travelling. There’s arguably no better way to experience a place than by tucking into its grub.  If the kitchen is the heart of the home, … Continue reading Top 10 Eating While Travelling Tips