Winter Escape To Brocket Hall, Welwyn Garden City

As we approach the festive season, there are lots of conversations guaranteed to take place. “I can’t wait for break”, “Isn’t work over yet?”, “Have you finished your Christmas shopping?” and “Do you think it will snow?”. It’s this last question that really poses the most interest.   A white Christmas – that rarely seen entity which makes us all feel just that little bit more … Continue reading Winter Escape To Brocket Hall, Welwyn Garden City

Eating For Peace

Conflict Café, a pop-up restaurant launched by peacebuilding charity International Alert, is returning to London for its third year from 22 September – 2 October 2016 to inspire more strangers to start conversations about building peace through food. This year’s chefs will present the cuisines and histories of Lebanon and Sri Lanka, and will be helping their diners to celebrate the power of food in … Continue reading Eating For Peace

Rossopomodoro, Hoxton

The word “chain” can send shivers down your spine.  Why go to a chain when we live in London, the home of independent inventiveness.  We have thousands of restaurants cropping up every single week, just waiting to lure you in with promises of grass-fed, hand-crafted, stone-milled goodness. But that’s what makes London so truly special when it comes to its restaurant scene.  Even the dreaded chains … Continue reading Rossopomodoro, Hoxton

COUNTER Bar & Brasserie, Vauxhall

Drag nights and delicious food don’t normally go hand in hand.  But bear with me.  Counter in Vauxhall may just be the first to achieve both with equal brilliance. Enter COUNTER and you’ll be immediately swept away by its size.  Long railway arches (200 foot long, making COUNTER officially London’s largest restaurant) house the all-day bar and brasserie, which serves innovative food that pops and … Continue reading COUNTER Bar & Brasserie, Vauxhall

Top 7 Dishes I’ve Eaten In London This Year

Who wants a list of the best restaurants or best dishes at the end of the year?  Surely by that point, it all becomes irrelevant.  January will hit hard. Pockets will be barely jingling with change and heads will be desperately trying to shake the after-festivities fog. I’d rather seek out the good stuff to eat now, when we’re not even halfway through the year … Continue reading Top 7 Dishes I’ve Eaten In London This Year

Dim Sum & Cocktails At Fu Manchu

You lose some.  You dim sum.  Sincere apologies – I just couldn’t help myself.    Now that is out of my system, normal service is resumed… Dim sum is the kind of food that fits in any occasion.  Hungover and exhausted?  Better hit Chinatown for a Sunday feast.  Celebrating your birthday with friends?  A table ram-packed with dim sum gets any party going.  Unsure what to … Continue reading Dim Sum & Cocktails At Fu Manchu

The Sportsman, Seasalter

Money.  It’s an evocative word, isn’t it?  It brings all sorts of emotions to the fore – desire, greed, envy, happiness, satisfaction, peace.  A simple £1 coin handed to a child for an ice cream at a passing truck makes all the world’s wrongs right.  A loss of a job and, therefore, an income can see a person slip into desperation and woe. What’s also … Continue reading The Sportsman, Seasalter