Hotel Mamela, Capri

“Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.”  – Bertrand Russell

Oh Capri, with your winding hilltops and multi-coloured roofs, how you captured me. The sound of your waves echoes in my mind and your huge bowls of al dente pasta still swirl in my heart.


For all its enchanting beauty though, Capri can still somehow feel overwhelming.  Visit on a weekend in the spring and you will immediately encounter hordes of people from around the globe, all pushing their way on to the ferries to make their way to island paradise for a few days.

It’s understandable, of course.  Why wouldn’t you go to Capri if the opportunity presents itself?  But what this strong magnetic island force means is that a hotel retreat becomes imperative. A sanctuary for your stay, if you will.  I chose Hotel Mamela for mine, recommended by The Italian Connection, Italian travel specialists and experts in creating tailor-made and bespoke holidays throughout Italy and Europe.


The Italian Connection did not get it wrong.  With a fantastic understanding of what I was looking for, they arranged for a stay at Mamela, just 150 yards from the shops of Capri’s Via Camarelle.  The hotel boasts its own private garden and an outdoor swimming pool, with sun loungers strewn across its vast panoramic terrace, each facing out to a fabulous sea view. If a secluded, tranquil pool is not your scene, the Marina Piccola beach is a quick 10-minute drive away.  Hop in the open-topped taxis with your beach bags and away you go for a day of sun and relaxation.


Particularly enjoyable about Hotel Mamela is its unique architecture and design, very fitting with the island itself, complete with arches, vaults, stuccoes and marbles. Each room comes with decorated tiled floors and bright, unique furnishings.  Request the views of the Mediterranean Sea – needless to say, you won’t be disappointed.  Even the bathrooms feel special and unique, featuring large windows, more arches and mosaic tiles.


You would hope that breakfast at a four star hotel would be worth just as many stars and indeed it is.  A generous buffet of pastries, croissants, and cakes, along with eggs, breads and cold meats will greet you every morning in the bright and beautiful breakfast dining room. How to improve on an already delicious Italian start to the day?  Take your plate outside and enjoy on Mamela’s sea-view terrace.


What makes Mamela truly special though is the impeccable service you will receive.  The front of house are always on standby to answer any and all of your questions.  We asked a friendly team member where she would eat on a normal night out, keen to avoid the tourist traps.  She advised us to walk a particularly steep 15 minutes to Lo Sfizio, a family run jewel in Capri’s hilly crown.  The restaurant was cheap, cheerful and as delicious as if we’d just stepped in to Nonna’s kitchen.  Brava to Mamela and its team for being so knowledgeable and in tune with what its guests are after.  And a further brava to The Italian Connection and its founder Rosa Spatola for incredible insight into the perfect hotel for our stay.

Capri is already a beautiful place to visit and an experience unlike most others you will find.  Surrounded by water and with the scent of lemon permeating the streets, it feels both intoxicating and romantic.  The hotel you choose to stay at should add to Capri’s appeal, offering tranquility and calm in the middle of the island’s hustle and bustle. Hotel Mamela offers this and more.  Conveniently located, faultless service and design and views that will dazzle, Mamela is Capri’s answer to all your restful, rejuvination requirements.  To make your trip even easier, contact The Italian Connection who can do all the hard work for you.  All you need to do is turn up and enjoy.


To book your perfect Capri getaway, contact The Italian Connection:

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