12 Exotic Fruits To Try In Colombia

One of the best things about Colombia – and certainly one of the most exotic – is its variety of fruits.  From those you’ve never heard of to those you can’t even imagine the taste, there really is an unfathomable selection. 

As you travel the country, you’ll find fruit as diverse as the landscape.  While it’s all certainly delicious, the variety can be a bit confusing.  So here is our comprehensive guide to all the Colombian fruits.  Top tip – the best place to try them all is in Paloquemao Market in Bogota.


You can’t move anywhere in Colombia without someone suggesting you try lulo, a firm favourite, especially in juice form.  With a flavour cross between lime and pineapple, it’s a definite must-try.


Found in tropical rainforests, borojó, is referred to as “Love Juice” for its aphrodisiac powers.  It’s also so incredible good for you, it’s been thought this little fruit could solve malnutrition on a global scale.


You may hear curuba called “banana passionfruit” because of its yellow pulp with black seeds.  Full of powerful antioxidants, curuba is usually eaten raw but look out for it as a delicious pie filling too.


A bit like avocado, feijoa tends to come in juice form, sweetened with sugar. It has a very earthy taste and is incredibly nutritious.


Like the country it hails from, maracuyá is full of passion, hence why it’s Colombia’s favourite passionfruit.  It’s typically found in juices and smoothies and makes for a deliciously tart ice-cream flavour.


It’s hard to describe these odd looking egg-shaped fruits.  Imagine a cross between lime, strawberry and banana in flavour and a texture like thick cream and you’re somewhere on the right lines.


Nispero resemble kiwis on the outside and papaya on the inside and are another super-fruit for their cancer fighting powers.  Great eaten raw or in juices, smoothies and jams.


Different to the Asian style of the dragon fruit, pitahayas are bright in colour, taste like a cross between melon and kiwi and full of goodness, plus they are known to get the juices flowing if you’re feeling a bit blocked up!

Tomato de Árbol

Like a tomatillo, tomato de árbol is very popular in Colombia, most often enjoyed in juice form. The flavour is somewhere between a tomato and a kiwi.


Uchuvas, are small and yellow, with a slight orange flavour.  Known to aid in digestion and cure infections, they are best stewed with honey.


This natural laxative tastes similar to papaya, although slightly less sweet.  It is high in fibre and great raw, topped with a bit of sugar.


Known as “Queen of the Fruit” after Queen Victoria supposedly offered a monetary reward to anyone who brought her the fruit to taste, restrictions on mangosteen imports mean they can still fetch a pretty penny overseas. It can be added to juices, smoothies, sweet or savoury dishes or eaten raw.


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