The Rise Of The Stay Moon

So you’re getting married.  You’ve picked your dress, the flowers are sorted, and the band is already practicing your first dance.  What next?  The honeymoon of course.  Mauritius is just grand and the Seychelles certainly houses its own magic, but if it’s something really unique you’re looking for, what about good old England? 

Our fair country offers up some of the most stunning scenery, astonishing hotel getaways and perfect breaks any newly betrothed couple could hope for.  So say hello to the “Stay Moon” – the newest and, arguably, most unique trend in honeymoons. 

The “Stay Moon” – heard of it?  If you haven’t yet, just you wait.  Like the rise of Studio 54, when all the cool kids wanted to be inside dancing away in their glitz and gold, anyone these days with half an ounce of individuality is celebrating their nuptials with a honeymoon in the UK.

It’s easy to presume you know why.  Sure, it might be more cost-effective and flights become entirely unnecessary.  The risk of Delhi belly drops significantly and being banged up abroad is a non-existent worry.  But are these really the reasons?  I think not.

The truth is that, these days, the UK has something for everyone.  From landscapes that take your breath away to restaurants that warrant a star or two, our country simply ain’t half bad and couples are looking to celebrate the person they love the most, in the country they love the most.

With its soft sand beaches, hot summer sun and spectacularly noisy waves, Cornwall is the stuff of a Stay Mooner’s dreams.  This far-removed and exotically-beautiful part of the British Isles has a magic all its own, and an almost tropical climate to match.  Taking your Stay Moon here will offer fantastic sea views, relaxing beaches and a laid back vibe unmatched in other parts of the country.  Plus need I even sell you on the food?  Seafood is taken to the max down in Cornwall, with world class chefs offering an unrivalled taste of the Cornish sea.

If you can peel yourself away from your Stay Moon bedroom, the activity Cornwall offers is plentiful.  Galleries, sailing, clifftop walks and, of course, unbeatable surfing makes this honeymoon destination an absolute must for any couple wanting something unique and special in their own country.

The Penventon Park hotel in Redruth is one of Cornwall’s best Stay Moon getaways.  This Georgian mansion, surrounded by tranquil gardens and stunning woodland areas, is the perfect place to escape after the wedding whirlwind.  With its secluded setting, Penventon offers a true English elegance that gives Stay Mooners the chance to unwind and relax in unrivalled, beautiful privacy.    Let’s face it – after a wedding day spent parading around in front of all the people you know and love, what more could you want than a getaway that allows you to disappear from spying eyes?

A few miles up the road, and a bit more inland, The Alverton Hotel in Truro, a hotel housed in an historical Grade II listed building, offers Stay Mooners a romantic and completely original getaway.  From its bell tower, Delabole slate roof, arched mullioned windows, ivy clad walls and curved archways uncovering hidden hideaways, the Alverton offers a unique charm that makes staying here a real experience.  Who needs the Florida Keys when you can stare into your partner’s eyes from an English hillside setting that has been in existence since 1830? The states simply don’t have that history – and the honeymoon is the start of your own history, after all.

It’s not all about Cornwall.  Travel about three hours back up the country and you will find yourself in Dorset, a county of contrasts, offering the very best of countryside, coastline, events and attractions, perfect for couples looking to get away (but not too far away).  Film-makers, poets and writers have all been captivated and had their imaginations charged by the outstanding beauty of Dorset’s towns, villages, landscape and coastline and so have we.  Drive ten minutes one way and you’ll find yourself on a seaweed strewn beach.  Drive ten minutes the other way and you’ll see vibrant mustard flowers that will look as though they’re dancing in the wind to a disco classic.  Authentic and raw, Dorset should be high on any Stay Mooners’ list.

Launceston Farm describes itself as a boutique B&B and self-catering cottages for grown-ups on the Dorset-Wiltshire border.  Key words here – grown-ups.  No self-respecting honeymooner wants to share their once in a lifetime special trip with kids, any more than Grace Jones would have shared the Studio 54 dancefloor with a school trip.  Some things are meant to be adult only and Launceston Farm proudly recognises that.

Nestled at the heart of the beautiful rolling chalklands of the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Stay Mooners can leave their cars and cares behind and explore from the farm gate. Shop for boutique fashion, antiques and country inspired homeware, sample treats from delis and farm shops stuffed with local delights in nearby Georgian market towns or head for the sea. Poole Harbour and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast are just half an hour away.

Plus once your back safely in Sarah, the owners’, more than confident hands, it’s necessary to eat her fantastic delights. Fresh ingredients for Sarah’s farmhouse breakfasts and cordon bleu suppers are sourced from the farm and are a must for any highly active (in the confines of your bedroom or otherwise) couple.

From Cornwall to Dorset, Somerset to Yorkshire, there is something for everyone in our fair country and it shouldn’t feel like you’re settling to have your honeymoon here.  In fact, people from all over the world come to England for their honeymoon as their once in a lifetime trip of choice.  So why has it taken us locals so long to cotton on?

You don’t need to get your passport out to have a good time and you certainly don’t need to contest with RyanAir baggage policy to feel like your honeymoon was worthwhile.  Sometimes all it takes is a fantastic Spotify playlist blaring out of your rented car and a trusty charged iPhone map to find your perfect break with your perfect someone.

Is the Stay Moon here to stay (ahem)?  I certainly think, and hope, so.  With a country as naturally rich in beauty and diverse in culture, there’s simply no need to look elsewhere.  Get back to planning each intricate detail of the most important day of your life because when it’s all over, our fair country is simply the best place to reminisce and relax with the one you love.  Whether you manage to leave your Stay Moon bedroom or not.

For more information, visit the following websites:

The Penventon Park Hotel

The Alverton Hotel

Launceston Farm

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