A New Identity

Some things you may or may not know about me:

  1. I once won a taco eating competition at Taco Bell (*whispers* as a ten year old)
  2. I have appeared on ITV’s Dinner Date (*whispers again* and lost)
  3. I have also been on BBC’s Ready Steady Cook (*shouts loud enough that parents can hear in Leeds* and beat my own mother)

Here’s another – I just got married.  Describing the elation, joy, happiness, satisfaction and general overwhelming emotions of the day would be the appropriate thing to do here.  But instead, I am going to save that and share the things they don’t tell you will happen after you say “I do”.

Mainly, if you are female and decide (albeit begrudgingly) to take your husband’s name, this ain’t going to be a simple case of signing the marriage certificate and waving happily goodbye to your single identity.  No no, you will need to send said certificate to every organisation/institution/bill-collector/person you have ever had contact with.  You think it starts with drivers’ licenses and bank accounts, but before you know it, you’re updating Netflix, Nectar and Not On The High Street.   Each one demanding more of your time than the last.

And what’s your husband doing during all this ripping hair out, throwing laptops at the wall and crying down the phone to Ocado mayhem?  He’s shaking his head as he says, Well you knew getting married would involve admin”.  Charming.

Back in the olden days, circa 1995, the whole changing-your-name and losing-your-mind process would have been a whole lot easier due to the fact we weren’t all hooked up to our eyeballs in online nonsense as well.  Sure, we had email addresses and maybe an AOL AIM name to change (remember those days?), but we didn’t have Google accounts, which linked to Google+ accounts, which linked to YouTube channels, which linked to Facebook, which linked to those pesky aliens watching us from the outer reaches of our universe.

Oh and if you’re a blogger?  Bad news buddy – it just gets worse.  You see, if your blog was in any way, shape or form linked to an email address which was also linked to Google, your whole online public personality is screwed.  Woe is you.

Which brings us nicely to me.  Another thing you may or may not know about me (and I hope you do), is that I have been blogging for many years, and writing for many more before that.  So when I realised (very quickly) the pain it was going to cause me to try to merge my trusty old blog with a new name, email and online platform generally, I decided it was time for a change.

So here we are – wahey! – a shiny, new website which I hope will be easier to navigate than the whole name changing nonsense.  What will you find?  My musings on all things food, travel and beyond. What will you not find?  Me ever divorcing or changing my name again.  Sorry hubby, you’re stuck with me.

To view my old blog, please visit blogger.

One thought on “A New Identity

  1. Hello Amy!

    I watched your episode of Dinner Date yesterday and I have to say, excluding the crab cakes (I hate seafood), it was the best menu I have seen on the show (I do not watch it as much as that statement made it sound like I do haha)! When I found out that you were a food blogger I decided to track you down as I am also a greedy girl 🙂
    What I’m trying to say is… Can I have the recipe for that chicken and the Mac n cheese? It looked amazing!

    Kind regards


    P.S Glad to see you’ve found a permanent dinner date!!


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